The Stash

Owner / Artist

Matthew, a.k.a."The Stash", has been in the artistic community since he could remember. Tattooing has been "in his blood" so to speak since he was 17 years old. He received his first tattoo in 1994, thus he has been collecting skin art for a hot minute!

Kremer began tattooing at the age of 19. His first tattoo machines were 80's Americans. Lets put it this way, they were heavy S.O.B's! Needless to say, his early career was cut short due to life...not without starting his first tattoos in Iowa which still float around on friends to this day.

After a long hiatus, some college time, an art degree, and many years of bartending, Kremer came back to his life long! With his new wife Jenn and 2 children, Cody and Tasha, he re-entered the world of tattooing at Owl and Orchid Tattoo. A few years there and it was time to explore new avenues. Thus came Urban Element Tattoo, where he worked alongside shop owner Rowell, and where his career really began to take shape. Rowell gave a lot of insight and inspiration into where Kremer wanted to take his career. He wanted to one day own his own shop and have an amazing crew like Rowell did. Kremer moved to Preying Mantis Tattoo, where he was fortunate to work with top notch tattoo artists such as Dave Allen, Brian Billmaier, Old Man Ron, and Marie Vlasic. Preying Mantis was his last stop, and the driving force for him to open his own business.

On December 5th, 2017, Mad Alchemist Tattoo opened it's doors and became a studio that Kremer could call home.

Kremer's art is uniquely his own. His paintings, drawings, and tattoos are reminiscent of a fine art canvas done by Balthus. Kremer's college experience provided him with a strong knowledge in color theory, providing him the ability mix an extensive color palette. His attention to small detail is exceptional. Black and grey, full color, Realism, New School, Neo-Traditional... there is no category that is sacred to him. He will push the boundaries every time but there is one thing consistent...he will always custom create your piece, guaranteed! Art is his life and his only desire is for the world to be his walking canvas.

(720) 233-0008